Personal reflection

I’m in a pub actually. After 3 pints of beer, I’m still looking people. Examinate each movement, each gesture, each word.

I’m certain i’m not like them. It’s not megalomania, i’m not saying i’m superior, but I know i’m different. I’m sure i’m different.

At the table in front of me I notice that a girl and a man are turning around, they’re with a friends group. I’m sure that they know each other recently and in 1 or 2 weeks they will be in relationship. The man is turned towards the girl, she laugh at everything he say, however they’re very embarassed.

So. I think I’ll have a drink again.

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About me

About me

French pianist, composer and second singer in Hart Plant, i'm an independant musician. I write this blog for me and eventually for you, if you're interessed by all the dumb things you can find here.


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