The Perfect Music (Part 1)

One of my most important searchs is to find the Perfect Music.
How can it be ? Sensual, hard, calm, happy…?
I’m actually thinking that it must be a “mix” of all of that : from sadness to happiness, finish on a good note to let an euphoric sensation.
Music is in some parts relative to psychology, if your music have some of sad or dark moments, for me it will be more impacting if it finish with a different tone, a happy tone.

For me, the only music who can deserve the title of “Perfect music” is certainly Echoes (Pink Floyd). Appeared on Meddle in 1971 if my memory is clean, we can travel into many emotions, and the duration is for me the best (23minutes) for a music like this. Not a minute, not a second is unnessecery. Crime of The Century of Supertramp is in the same logic, but more in bad emotions.

I must find this genius combinaison of notes, of emotions. I think it’s my goal for my musical life.

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About me

French pianist, composer and second singer in Hart Plant, i'm an independant musician. I write this blog for me and eventually for you, if you're interessed by all the dumb things you can find here.


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